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underwent the process of double mastectomy in the month of February and planning for reconstructive surgery in April. Julie undergo double mastectomy in order to minimize the risk of breast cancer. After her mother’s death due to breast cancer she undergo the process of genetic testing and her doctor told that she had 50% risk of ovarian cancer and 87% risk of breast cancer. After mastectomy, her breast cancer risk minimize to 5%, she reported. She recently writes ‘’ I can tell my kids that they do not need to fear that they will lose me to breast cancer.’’ A source much close to actress reported that Julie is planning to undergo the process of ovarian surgery in coming days because 50% risk of ovarian cancer is still there. After Angelina Julie announced that she had effectively finished the breast surgery, her associate Brad Pitt released an announcement ‘’absolutely heroic.’’ Many celebrities visit her via twitter. After mastectomy, Angelina Julie stated that ‘’ breast cancer kills up to 450,000 people each year. I decide not to keep my breast cancer story private. There are many women who do not be familiar with that they are living under the darkness of breast cancer. I hope that they will be able to get gene tested and if they have too, will know that they have a strong option for treatment.

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